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House packers and movers in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is one of the busy trade centers of the world. People from all over the world come for jobs and work here. People move from one place to another across Abu Dhabi. Wherever they find new jobs they want to shift there. Moving from one place to another with villas, houses and furniture is not easy. Without professional and trustworthy house movers in Abu Dhabi, you can not shift your house.



Salaam movers, a well-known house packer and movers in Abu Dhabi is famous for many of its qualities. Following are Some of its high qualities.

  • A skillful and friendly team of packers and movers

  • Trained and experienced drivers

  • Reasonable rates as compared to other movers

  • Friendly online instructors

  • A quick response customer service

  • Full safety guarantee of the items of your house. For example furniture and electronic items

  • Pack and move your items with intense care and protection

The strategy of Salaam movers for house moving in Abu Dhabi

Before moving a house from one place to another salaam movers prepare a work plan for it.The work plan of salaam movers makes it possible to be the best house movers in Abu Dhabi.

Visit professional movers’ teams
First of all salaam movers send their professional team to the place where to shift the house and from where to move it. They notice the distance between the two positions. Take some clear pictures of the locations.

The team makes a list of items to be shifted to the new position. Also, try to see the sensitive and heavy items. After checking all the items they discuss the reasonable costs with the owner. If the house owner agrees with the rates then they move to the next step.

Uninstallation of items 
The installation team starts to uninstall the items. For example, furniture, LCD, LED, etc. with intense care and protection. They collect all the items including furniture, electronics items, kitchen stuff, etc, in one place.
Packers perform their task

After collecting all the items in one place the skillful packing team packs the items in boxes and packs them in such a way as to avoid scratches and damage. After packing the item. The Packers team put numbers on each pack.

Loading needs extra care

After packing the items salaam movers load them in truck-like vehicles. They do care for items while loading and protect them from damage and scratches.

Experience drivers provide a safe travel
The skillful and experienced drivers deliver the items to the new place with a full safety guarantee. After reaching the new location, the workers unload the items with much care. The installation team starts installing different items and arranges the new house according to the owner’s wishes.

Owner’s satisfaction letter

After installing all the items the team just takes around to check all the items properly. Finally, they sign a letter from the owner after the owner’s satisfaction letter the team leaves the place.

After all, salaam movers are the best house movers in Abu Dhabi. If you have plans to move your house, office, furniture, and other items across Abu Dhabi. Salaam movers and packers are the right options for you.
Salaam movers are the best house movers in Abu Dhabi as it charges you less compared to others.

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